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Every day there are wee little bugs (20+) on the floor along the window side of my sliding glass door.  They are so tiny, they look like pellets.  I've been sweeping them up, smashing between paper plates and throwing away.  They keep coming.. I have no idea where they are coming from or what they are?   I looked at them under magnifying glass and they are black with yellow marks... what are they and how do I get rid of them.

Hi Stacy
Of course without seeing one I cannot tell you exactly what they are but I can think of a couple of possibilities form your descriptions. My first thought is that they could be mites that can get in through cracks round doors and windows. Do you see any outside of the door. They other possibility is that they are springtails. Do they jump? Without knowing their actual source I cannot tell you haou to get rid i=of them except by sweeping them up. The good news is that if they are mites or springtails the invasion is temporary

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