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unknown insect
unknown insect  

unknown insect 2
unknown insect 2  
Would you please look at this insect and help me identify it.  I found three of these on a greenway next to the Catawaba River after a big storm passed through on April 20, 2015, approx. 9:00AM.  The location is Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA.  Taken with my iPhone the bug appeared to be approx. 3 inches long and crawling across the asphalt path towards the natural area on the side.  I called it a beetle gator as it appeared to have a beetle head and a very small alligator body but with many legs.  I had three dogs on leashes in the other hand and I apologize about the quality of the image.

Hi, Kathleen:

That is an outstanding description.  So evocative, in fact, that I knew what you were talking about even before I saw your images.

The insect is the larva of a dobsonfly, Corydalus cornutus .  The larvae are known as "hellgrammites," and are a favorite fishing bait for anglers. They live in fast-flowing streams and rivers where they prey on other invertebrates.  This one is now looking for a place to dig down and change into a pupa.  Here's more about them:


Thank you for sharing your discovery, and no apologies needed for picture quality. :-)


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