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I went to look out my window and there was a bunch of little bugs or insects I'm.Not sure but they were all over window trying to get in and were getting in and coming out power outlets so I went outside and there were millions I don't even know this is so crazy to me I already sprayed they keep coming in they were all over dried up weeds right outside window crawling up the side of my house now it's second day and me and my two year old went to bed and now there on my bed just found like 15 the smaller ones r clear and jump u can barely see them the bigger ones look a little darker with little wings some r skinny and some r fat they have 3 legs on each side and 2 antennas why r they attacking my house I'm worried about our baby what r they gonna eat r they gonna bite us should we leave we just noticed them yesterday in the window and know there all I've house beside kids room I'm paranoid help please


Don't worry, none of these insects can hurt you. The small ones that jump are springtails, see for a close-up. Springtails normally live in the soil/leaf litter but can enter homes following heavy rains. They are harmless and can be swept up. The one with wings is some kind of fly but I can't see it clearly enough to id, but again harmless. The other one looks like a psocid which are often associated with damp, moldy areas. They feed on mold and can sometimes get into stored food. If you can get a clearer picture I'd be glad to take another look.

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