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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/Please help me identify what this is!!!!!!!


What is this biting me?
What is this biting me  
QUESTION: I have had 3 outbreaks and I'm not sure what exactly is biting me! I'm the only one who had got bitten out of my family of 5. Every time I have a breakout it gets worse but within a couple days it's gone because I do indeed treat it! It starts out what looks like a mosquito bite but gets bigger but it is extremely itchy and tender to the touch and has fever.  This was my last breakout and before I knew about the breakout I had already scratched a good bit I didn't notice it because it was on the back of my arm! I live in Tennessee originally from Alabama and I never had problems until I moved here. It just recently started about 2 months ago.  I showed someone and was told it was bed bugs but when I examined my bed I didn't find anything. I have found 2 spiders in my room but not sure if it's a spider bite and if it is what kind of spider. I did take some pics of the spider I killed in my room as well. I just want to figure out what is biting me and take care of the problem i don't won't any of my children or mh husband to start getting bites so of you could please identify what exactly it is. Of the pic o sent is not detailed enough I have plenty more and also pics of the spider I killed. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

ANSWER: Holly,

Unfortunately it is impossible to diagnosis the cause of these skin lesions based on their appearance alone because many thing can cause similar reactions. Usually an insect or spider bite will leave a central "bite mark" which I can't see in this photo. Take a look at this list for insect and mites that bite and some things that can mimic bug bites. Ultimately you may need to see your MD and just treat the symptoms. Don't ignore the possibility the allergies are the cause especially since you are the only one affected.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: Thank you for answering my question! I'm just glad I have a little feedback on this because  starting to get bad anxiety where I don't even won't to sleep because I scared a bug or spider may be in my bed! It's honestly tormenting me! I sent another image maybe this can help you better this photo was taken closer to the reaction and it was taken before the swelling started setting in! Maybe it will help you better on determining what it is! Thank you again for responding! I'm going to also send you a pic of the spider I killed and maybe you can tell me what kind it is! Thank you

Sorry but skin lesions like this can be caused by many different things, they are in fact only rarely caused by insects or spiders. Also, the image is too blurry to id. If you still have the specimen you could take it to your local county Extension office ( for id.

Jack DeAngelis

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