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I live in the Las Vegas area and have been eliminating these scorpions around my yard and house for a while (have only had 3 or 4 inside the house). I was curious about the specific scorpion as I have heard that the Arizona bark scorpion is particularly dangerous. This photo may be a little difficult after I hit it with the flyswatter. Is this a bark scorpion? If it is, is it true that they are the only scorpions that climb vertical surfaces? I have heard that scorpions are hard to control. Is there any preferred way to control/eliminate them? Is diatomaceous earth a practical control method? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

It does have the pattern of the Bark scorpion but others have the same pattern. Without examining it up close I cannot confirm that it is. Bark scorpions are an invasive species common in Vegas and they do have a painful sting.
Diatomacious earth would most liklely be effective on scorpions

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