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I have just discovered the beginnings of a tennis ball sized nest hanging from the eave of my house. I believe that it is a nest for bald faced hornets. I want to leave it alone and document its development through this summer and fall. It is about twenty feet high on a two story house, on a side with no doors,no windows that need to be opened,and a big little used yard over fifty foot from the neighbor. The only activity in sight of the nest would be me mowing the yard. I have no children living here now and all activities occur around a corner of the house in a fenced backyard. Do you think that this situation as presented makes it highly unlikely that the wasps would feel threatened in the nest and act aggressive? Thanks.


Interesting spin on this question, usually people just want to know how to kill the nest! All of the social wasps become aggressive towards threats to their nests. However, in this case the nest is so high and isolated that I don't think there's much chance that they would swarm. I'd very much like to see how this nest develops throughout the summer. If you take photos please consider posting them occasionally here in a follow up to this question, or contact me through my website Thanks.

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