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i wanna buy a boboon tarantula from pet store. but before that i want to ask you if its dangerous or not? venomous or not? if yes. anything i can do to remove venom or stop it from biting?

thank you :)

ANSWER: Hi Yousef.
All tarantulas have venom. They cannot kill their prey without it and it cannot be removed. And no tarantulas are dangerous. Most of them do not bite and if they do the venom is not dangerous to humans and he bite is no worse then a bee sting. The Baboon spider tends to bite if mishandled. I f wish to handle your spider than the Baboon spider is not the best one to get. I would suggest the Rosehair. I have kept tarantulas for many years now ahd have never been bitten. The dangers of spiders is a myth. There areonly a few species that posea danger to people

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QUESTION: do you havr advices for me how i can hold it without the spider biting? and how can i get it on my hand? usually if when i want to hold a spider i put my hand infornt of them. but they skip my hand and thurn away. and i was told that they kick off their hairs and that cause blindness. is that true?

ANSWER: I pick up min by using me forefinger and thumb between the legs and then put them on my hand.When you have handled them or awhile they become acclimated to you touch and you can cover them with your hand and pick them up. The bristles can be irritating and after handling them you must keep your hands away from you face and eyes until you wash them off. I have handled tarantulas so much that I have developed an allergic reaction to the bristles so I have to wear rubber gloves.  If not my arms will itch for a week. Unlike the hair on a mammal the bristles on a tarantula are very sensitive to the touch.
 A few tarantulas (but not all) will throw their bristles off  as defense if an enemy approaches them from behind. I had a Mexican red leg that would do this all the time. So much that the back of her butt was bald.
 One more thing> European tarantulas are more likely to bite.  

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QUESTION: sorry for lots of questions. cuz i really wanna know what im buying. is it a europian tarantula as u mentioned above its more likely to bite? and i dint fee doing right thing by holding it from bettween its legs so can i push itna bit from its back?. and one more thing is can it ever bite for no reason like while im holding it? if incase i was bitten what can i do beside medical approach because im not gonna do that.

thank you very much ^_^

Old world or european tarantulas are usually more aggressive and are more likely to bite. I do not hold them between the legs, I merely pick them up that way. I do not want to mislead you about tarantulas biting. Docile spiders like Rosehairs can bite. Their fangs are strong enough. They just don't bite. They bite only to kill their prey. I mentioned to you that the tarantula bite is similiar to a bee sting and unless ypu have a bee allergy mo medical treatment is needed

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