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Lu Ellen wrote at 2016-02-03 21:16:26
I have horses and live in the foothills of Central California.  I was opening a bag of shavings to lay down in one of the stalls and immediately I had bot flys all over the stall, myself, and in the air.  I quickly realized what was happening, xlosed the bag, started stepping on them, sprayed the stall, and did everything possible to make sure we could get rid of these bots.  My reason for my comment is because maybe someone else out here has had something similar happen to them.  This happened about 2 years ago and this is what happened to my bites!

The bot had actually bit hands and arms, I did not notice anything for a few days until I actually could feel the maggot eating my flesh.  I did not know at the time what had happened to me.  I looked online to see if I actually had something alive inside me.  My boyfriend thought I was crazy and told me to stop picking at the bites but I knew there was something alive inside.  I worked with trying to squeeze them out, put petroleum jelly on them to stop their oxygen, and it finally got down to me cutting them out.  It was horrible and I think more people in the USA should be aware that bot flies are here and you can be bitten if put in a situation such as I was, (a bag of shavings) and know to go and get help.  I was to believe I was crazy.  It was a real bite and these maggots ate my tissues under my skin in my arms.  When I would attempt to get them out, they would move and go to another area under my skin.  Luckily, I had a Dr. appointment and I showed my bites I was given antibiotics.   I closely monitored all the bites, killed any bot maggots, and flushed them away.  I have looked for a long time to see if any of your sites talk about these horrible flies and what to look for if you think you have been bitten.  I did not take pictures.  I have scars from where they were and it is true, when they enter your skin they leave a little air hole to get their oxygen as they develop.  At the local hospital, a young nurse said as shemsaw my scars, "OhYeah, We have some nasty flies up here!"  Please post this for all the people who are not aware of the bot flies in California.   Thank you.

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