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size of bug
size of bug  
QUESTION: Could you please help me identify this bug.  It could be from Florida or Wisconsin.  (I moved from FL to WI.) The bug could have been moved with me.  I really would appreciate your help.


Can you give me a little more information? Where did you find the bug? Is it causing a problem or are you just curious? How many have you seen?

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: I'm finding them all over my apartment.  It's infested.

This is a psocid or barklouse. There are both winged forms like this one and wingless forms. All are harmless althrough they can sometimes be minor stored food pests, depending on species. They might also be coming in from outside where they feed on mold and algae. If they have infested stored you'll probably find more of them in the room where the food is stored. They can be swept up as found, no insecticide treatment is needed.

Jack DeAngelis

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