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Hi Jessica

Can you help me ID this Thasus bug to species level? I know you specified Californian invertebrates, and I live in Mexico, but as I understand it, genus Thasus lives in both countries so I thought I'd try my luck. Info on this genus online is confusing as the same creature is variously identified as Thasus giganteus and Thasus acutangulus; maybe you know how to tell them apart?

Hey J.,

This is a great question and I hope I can answer to your satisfaction. Due to a number of recorded misidentifications of T. gigas and T. acutangulus, the sources online are very confusing. I have looked carefully at the photos you provided and actually believe that you have Thasus neocalifornicus, which is more common in the United States. Are you located in the northern part of Mexico? If you are then I can fairly confidently say you have T. neocalifornicus. If you arenít, then I am less certain, although it fits the T. neocalifornicus classification as far as I call tell from the photos. I would love to hear back from you about where exactly you found these.


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I can answer questions about invertebrates native to California, including insects commonly found in homes. If you have an identification request, please attach a photo to your question.


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