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thank you for your time in reading this. My daughter woke yesterday very itchy on the back of her head, only in the hair area though and none below the hair line, however she had about 10 on her right forearm and wrist, she's very itchy with all of them. The ones on the back of her head are below her ears and like I said, no further than her hairline back there, there's got to be about 10-15. I have checked for bed bugs, and thank the lucky starts there are none, now she has recently had lice (her school is terrible for keeping lice at bay), I gave her a shower and went through her hair to see if there were any and I did find one live one, no eggs. I've just recently learned that lice can bite, but she's had lice before and this has never happened, not to mention if this is a lice bite, can one do all those bites? even the ones on her arms. I put all her bedding in a dryer at high heat for an hr hoping to kill off anything that could be there too. her bday was just a few weeks ago and I got her a kitten that came from a home with multiple pets, but I have not seen the kitten scratch, but could it be more possible that they could be fleas?
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If you found even a single live louse I think there's a good chance that there are probably more so these bites might well be from head lice, see for background info about lice and how to control an outbreak. Flea bites tend to occur on the lower legs so I don't think that fleas are the culprits. Post a follow up if you have questions after looking over those web pages.

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