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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/Praying Mantist eggs contain 300


We bought a cup that contains 150-300eggs

Once it hatch we will realase in my woods to eat other insects

Next time we will buy 4 cups hopefully to get 600-1200eggs that will kill other bugs

Mostly to get rid of Mosquitos

If this happens will this bad for the woods for the animals that live here.

The animals that live in these woods are cats, groundhogs, raccoons, shrews, feild mice, possums, deers, and small birds like sparrows and humming birds.

Can 1,200 mantist ruined the wilderness for the animals if yes how

Will they be ok if we have like 1,200 praying mantis walking around the woods.

Hi Giofranco
Nature has a way of keeping things in balance. We are the ones who tend to upset this balance. In the insect kingdom the population is controlled partly because the great majority of those born do not survive. Of 300 mantis eggs hatching it is unlikely that more then 2 or 3 will reach adulthood. I have hatched many mantid egg cases and as soon as they hatch they start eating each other. 1200 eggs being released in an area will have a minimal effect on other living things.  
 Incidentaly the praying mantis feeds and insects that it stalks on plants. They do not eat flying insets like mosquitos

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