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I found a mark on the side of my breast a few weeks ago. About quarter sized. It itched and I thought ingrown hair or pimple. Strange place. Then after a day it was huge. Raised off my skin by almost an inch. It itched still and I still thought infected hair. I squeezed it and a lot a lot a lot of puss came out. then i left it alone. The next day a red raised line was coming off of it almost reaching my back. again I left it alone. It took about a week for all of the swelling to go down and then another week for the scab to be gone. Then This morning I woke up with the same bump in the exact same place. With also 2 more on my leg Same size. 2 itch 1 hurts. No red lines and i am not going to squeeze this time. I am 22 female and live in southern MI. Does this sound like a spider bite? If so should I be worried? I have children. I have pictures if needed.

Hi Kaylee
I am sorry for your problem. Since you have more then one I am quite sure this is not from a spider. There are no spiders in southern MI that can cause this kind of damage.You can send me a photo if you wish.
Further more this is a medical problem not a bug problem and I believe you should consult a doctor. The fact that it progressed from your breast to your leg suggetst that it could be an internal problem. Let me know what happens


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