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Hello. Not trying to identify a bug, thank God! , however I can't find any clear answers on this: I'm American,  living in America.  My husband's family is planning on visiting soon for about a month. They're coming from the subcontinent.  People are making me feel paranoid and saying that they'll bring bed bugs in their suitcases.  Is that true? I sure hope not! Is there some kind of preventive method I can take to ensure that bugs of any kind of won't be in their bags (without hurting any feelings of course! )
Thanks in advance.

Hi Serenity
It is true that bedbugs are spread by travelers but it is not a usual occurence. When proper precautions are taken it is highly unlikely. Assuming that bedbugs are only found in other countries and not in the US is a mistake. There are bedbugs in almost every city in the US. I would assume that your in-laws are responsible enough to take precautions

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