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Black bug
Black bug  
QUESTION: I found about 3 dozen of these small 5mm black bugs on my tile living room floor in my home in Scottsdale AZ. I sent a not so clear picture to another expert who said that they may be Carpet Beetles. Then while I was hosing off my front patio I noticed a few dozen of these bugs walking toward my front door.  They were getting in under the front door.  I've included 2 new pictures. A topside and underside of the insect. I want to see if these bugs are truly carpet beetle bugs or your garden variety garden bug.

ANSWER: This is the wrong shape for a carpet beetle, Eileen. Also carpet breed inside and do not come in from the outside. You only sent the beetle from the underside. Send me the other photo so I can get a better look.

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Black bug topside
Black bug topside  
QUESTION: Sorry. I thought I had included both pictures.
The bugs were coming up from the gravel just outside my front door. When I hosed off the walkway they were disturbed and started walking toward the front door.
I hope you can identify these pests.

This is most likely a member of the Carabidae or Ground beetles but that is about all that I can tell you. To identify beetles requires a close up examination. I can tell you that they are not usually in houses. We cannot really control insects out of doors. Since you have seen them getting in under the door all you can do is stop them from entering. Try using a pyrethrum based spray under the door or replace the strip on the door jam

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