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Hello Walter,

I am a biology professor at Athens State University in Athens, Alabama. My entomology class and I captured the attached insect trifecta. One individual is a mayfly nymph, the second is (I believe) a Dipteran larva (horsefly? cranefly?) and the third is a mystery larva. We would appreciate an identification. The forelegs are unique. Could they be designed as scoops for detritus? Alga grazing?   

Thank you for your time.

Chris Otto

Hi Chris
I would agree that you have a dipteran larvae. The onlne in the middle appears to be amayfly. The smaller one is difficult to see in much detail but it looks to like a member of the Heptogeniidae ( A flathead mayfly) I basis this on the shape,size and triple cerci (which seem to be broken off.
 Mayflies in the Genus Heptophlebia have large forelegs like the one in the photo. Check them out and see what you think


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