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QUESTION: recently i have noticed these very strange bugs on my bathroom floor
they are completely flat,oval and white-gray with no legs just an antenna that it uses to reach out with and pull itself forward since it seems to drag itself around
their bodies will collect the dust and dirt from the floor
i doubt that they are harmful but i don't like them especially since they frequently appear in numbers of up to 7-8 at a time
they are pretty small about 1 1/2 cm long at their longest
and they congregate around the toilet

i have included a picture i know it's pretty fuzzy but it clearly shows the outline and the little "antenna" reaching out

thanks in advance for whatever info if any you can provide!

You answered that this described a moth larva but I am sure this is incorrect.  An exterminator told me that these harmless bugs searched for and ate tiny pieces of dirt and spider webs.  Can you tell me the name and more about them.


[no picture attached] I don't know who you talked to but I don't think it was me. However, what you describe IS a moth larva, it is the larva of what is commonly called a plaster bagworm. You can google this name yourself for more info. I don't know if you meant it or not but the premise of your question is very rude, especially as you are asking for free advice. If you are still convinced that this is wrong there are many other places on the web to seek answers.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: I am so sorry Dr. DeAngelis thought I was being rude in my questioning his identification of the insect in question.  I would never knowingly hurt anyone's feelings. I am not the one who sent the initial description and question but it sounded a lot like the little insect that seems to like to roam around the toilet in the downstairs bathroom of our Florida home.  I only wanted to be sure of the insect's behavior because I do not want to kill a harmless creature but I also cannot let destructive moths breed in the house. So far I have never seen a moth or signs of one here. For the last several months I have been carefully carrying the creature to safety before the maid scrubs the bathroom floor and then after a few days I see it or a relative has returned. Thank you very much for your kind consideration of my problem and again, I sincerely appologize that my wording seemed to be rude and/or ungrateful.


Glad we sorted that out, I may have over reacted a bit, too. What you describe is almost certainly a plaster bagworm, a moth closely related to clothes moths. The "bag" that they live in is made from bits of fibers and spider silk that they gather. They are very common in Florida probably because of the semi-tropical climate. Most of the time they don't need treatment other than swept up when found. Thanks for following up.

Jack DeAngelis

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