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Hello! I have a small black spider, about the size of a dime, fuzzy with some white markings on his back, who has taken residence on my houseplants. Has a seriously impressive web, about the size of a dinner platter, spanning 3 plants. I donít mind him, heís not bothering me, heís catching flies, etc. Itís all good.

Iím just worried, because 2 of the 3 plants get rotated frequently, and I hate to tear up his webs like that, but if I donít rotate them, my coffee plant grows almost horizontal. The web is across my coffee plant, a cactus and a Christmas cactus, sharing the same table dancing bones plant and a starting apple tree seedling. Do I need to worry about him damaging my plants? I'm almost assuming he'll be beneficial, as he'll eat any pests that might invade my plants, but I figure I should probably ask.

Thank you so much for your help!

Good for you Amanda. Most people do not want to have anything to do with a spider. Don't worry about breaking the web. She will just make a new one or repair it. And she will not harm the plants. She will capture flying bugs that surround the plants
This spider is a female ,by the way ,as are most spiders that you see.

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