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Tiny Insect
Tiny Insect  
Recently there has been a large number (~100+) of these tiny black insects all over the house.  They seem to be randomly distributed and do not appear to have a pattern to their movements.  They are roughly 2-3 mm in size.

Can you please assist in identifying these insects?  Thank you.

Hi Keith
When people tell me tahye have small insects in the house I immediately think of dermestid beetles. Now you amaze me by sending a photo of a Zorapteran. These belong to the primative order Zoraptera and are sometimes called Angle insects. I have been identifying household pets for years and have never heard of them occurring in a house in large numbers. There are only two species living in the US and they usually occur in rotting wood out of doors or in piles of sawdust. Would you have anything like that in your foundation or garage or possibly in wood stored up against the house.
They are colonial insects and since I have never heard of them in a house I do not know how to get rid of except by sweeping the up or finding the source and getting rid of the colony.
I am going to talk to some colleagues about this.
keep me informed


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