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I have over the past few weeks noticed that I am very itchy when on or in my bed. I have had no visible bites though. The other night after I had turned out all the lights I got a text And reached over and picked up my phone. There was a tiny bug sitting on it. I went to the light and turned it on to try and get a better view but it was gone. Tonight I was on my bed and again very itchy and I was getting paranoid about bed bugs. I began looking closely at my sheets and after a minute or two saw a tiny light brown or cream colored bug scurrying over my sheets. I found a couple more and then found out they were under all layers of the sheets. I captured one in a plastic bag and saw that it had wings even though it was not flying. I live in Arizona and have a couple dogs but none ever in this room. These things are so small a picture is almost impossible. I took one but it almost looks like a spec, I will post it. I also have a video of the one I caught but it is hardly visible.

Hi Justine
I cannot tell you what this is from a photo. It somewhat resembles a Psocid (book louse) although I do not know what they would be doing in the sheets. It is definitely not a bedbug. If they were you would have visible bites Psocids also do not cause itching. All I can sugges at this p[oint is to strip the bed and wash everything. If the itching persists you can consult a dernmatologist


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