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We moved into our apartment in October, 2014.  Apartment and HVAC utility room off balcony were clean.  The beginning of June, 2015 we heard and saw bats flying around and when we checked the utility room, there was bat guano and dead bugs on our furnace/AC unit.  We began seeing the bugs come out of vents and on window sills on the same side of building that utility room is on.  A Wildlife inspection confirmed bats but they only identified bugs as bed bugs.  From doing research I understand that bat bugs resemble a bed bug to the naked eye, but bat bugs have longer hairs on the upper covering of their thorax.  We have checked our bed, couches, etc. and have not found any evidence of bed bugs.  I don’t know what to do to get them to understand and confirm that these bugs are because of the bats.  They want to bring in a bed bug sniffing dog and charge me for extermination of them.  Can you please help me? I live in Lisle Illinois.

Dear Alison - There is no way that I (or anyone else that I know of)Could determine whether you have bed bugs or bat bugs from the images you provided; you need to examine them under at least 10x  magnification. The image at http://tinyurl.com/qg56ar7 shows their differences (bed bug on left, bat bug on right); ignore their body shapes, individuals of both species will vary in shape, depending on their life stage and size of blood meal ingested. Just as an aside, carpet beetles also are seen in your second image - their larvae will feed on accumulations of dead insects as well as detritus in bird nests/bat colonies.
  As for control, you first need to do something about the bats. As they are protected, you can't do anything that might harm them; you only can exclude them (you might find useful guidance on this subject at http://tinyurl.com/odhd8ly). Once this is done, bear in mind that these bugs can live a long time without feeding, so more than one treatment might be necessary to achieve control - see http://tinyurl.com/nu7cupj for detailed information.

Hope this helps,

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