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black bug
black bug  

black bug
black bug  
I have tiny black bugs in my bathtub, on the tile floor once, window sills, toilet paper roll and on the heating vent in my bathrooms, in the kitchen on paper towels, behind the kitchen sink, near my coffee machine, old mail, in my office on the floor by the sliding glass door, window sill, in the living room bay window, in my bedroom on the ceiling and in my closet on the ceiling and wall. Also on the window sills of the two upstairs bedrooms. I take pictures and enlarge them and they are all the same bug. Tried drano, bug spray in the bathroom. I tried boric acid powder in the office floor, they just walk all over that stuff with out a problem. what are they and how do i kill them?

  Hi Susan
It is somewhat difficult for me to identify these insects without an up close inspection but from the photos and your description I am almost certain that these are Collembola or springtails. Do thy jump? They feed on fungus spores and bacteria and thrive on moist conditions. They only way to get rid of them is to keep things as dry as possible. Their population explosions are also sporadic and if they are collembola they should be gone shortly

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