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Hi there! I am writing from Kansas City, MO. I will try and make this as brief as possible. ;) My house flooded all 3 floors from a plumbing issue.  After repairs, it was vacant for 2.5 yrs. I moved back, haven't been well since the very first day I moved in. Which is now approximately 2.5 yrs. My bedroom was filled with toxic mold. My place has been under construction for way too long. Anyways, I have been sleeping on the floor in my sons bedroom. The carpet is the thickest I think a person could buy. Also, the roof has been leaking and nobody believed me till recently when it was more visible to someone that doesn't see the place everyday. I have had issues with intestinal parasites, candida, and several infections in between. For 2 yrs i have been feeling like bugs are in my hair, biting/stinging me. I can see whatever they may be, move with a microscope but cannot see what they are while moving. I get large nodules all over my scalp and my face. Recently my blood work was negative for Lyme disease/Western Blot but it did show 2 of the bands present and High on the igM. This is effecting my central nervous system. And I know its because of whatever is going on with my hair along with an allergic response. I pray you can help me make sense of my situation. Btw, my hair is black and incredibly thick and course. I have probably 3 heads of hair. Lol! Well I did before I moved back.  Thank you.


These are eggs (nits) of either head lice or pubic lice, given the location I'd guess head lice but pubic lice can occur wherever thick, coarse hair grows. See http://www.livingwithbugs.com/headlice.html for information about human lice and how to control them. Bites from lice could account for some of the symptoms you are experiencing. Your MD should be able to confirm a lice infestation and suggest ways to treat it.

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