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QUESTION: I have been seen small brown bugs mainly in my bathroom. They fly and if I try to grab them they jump making a click sound. They are usually around the sink or bathtub. The smaller ones dark brown with with light yellowish brown. The bigger ones are just dark brown.

ANSWER: I wish you could send me a photo of one of these.Maria. You have described Click beetles. but click beetles would be unusual in a bathroom. Google click beetles and see if they resemble what you have. Send me a phot if you can.


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QUESTION: Thank you For your answer. The bigger bugs look definitely like click beetles but the smaller ones although they have the same shape their color is different because it has two kinds of Brown. Could it be because they are baby click beetles? I took a picture this morning but I don't know how to send it.

If these are click beetles there are probably two different species here. They come in all sizes and colors but to sure I would have to see them.  Do you know how to make an attachment to an email. Load the photo onto you computer and send it to my email (waltjh@sbcglobal.net) Before you send it you will see an option to make an attachment

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