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I left a sheet in the car back seat with a ton of other stuff for about a month or so through hot and cold weather.  I went camping, took the sheet out of the car and began to open it and saw two oval gray bugs and one of them hopped eight to 10 inches up in the air and fell back into the sheet... I squashed the bugs and they left gray coloration like I used to see when I squashed silverfish bugs.  I had to sleep in the sheet and to my knowledge was not bitten.  I just can't get over finding these two bugs.  Nothing else seems to be crawling around in my car.  Except that I still feel crawly skinned.

Please tell me that they were not bed bugs.  I have washed everything that I can.  What I else might I do?


I think you can relax, bed bugs don't jump and they don't leave a residue when crushed, and they are not grey in color. See for info about bed bugs and a picture for comparison. If you see anymore try to get a picture and I may be able to give you a definitive id.

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