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Wasp 02  

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Wasp 03_1  
Evening Eric,

I've seen this wasp around several times.  each time it is eating the remains of and insect that a spider or assassin bug has made a meal of.  The wasp is about 1" or slightly larger.

I thought it might be a boldface but the body is a brown.  I then thought it could be a Souther Yellowjacket.  While searching I ran across an article by you on the subject.

Anyway,  I need a name, scientic name etc.


Wasp 02 is a female paper wasp, Polistes exclamans eating some kind of caterpillar it would appear.

Wasp 03 does not show enough characters for me to give a definitive answer, but I strongly suspect it is a male "weevil wasp" in the genus Cerceris (family Crabronidae).

It is late, so please excuse the short answers.


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