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QUESTION: Hi today i noticed tiny thin red worms of 1to 3cms length,thickness might be 2,mm on bathroom floor,i drained them into water,want to know how to get rid of those,are those from stools crawling on to floor,they move slowly on floor,i fear of worms,please help

ANSWER: Hi Akshi
I do not enough detail here to make a judgement but i am not sure they are not  human internal parasites. Do you have any pets. These could be centipedes. If you see them again please send me a photo

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QUESTION: What is this worm,how to get rid of this?is this human parasite dont have anyvpets in my  home

Hi Akisha
This is not a centipede. And I am sure it is not a human parasite. It appears to be a common earthworm but I do not know how it camt to be in your bathroom. Have you have any flooding or excessive moisture. and do you have a lot of them taht keep appearing. I would jut sweep them up and flush them. If they keep appearing let me know

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