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I spotted some bugs in a couple of my kitchen draws last night. They are black about 2mm have 6 legs and 2 long thin feelers on its head, its body shape is inbetween round and oval. From observing they tend to crawl on a couple of wooden spoons but again I have noticed them crawling on the draw floor and sides too. Also spotted tiny clear/whiteish bugs crawling around I assume they are black bugs babies they move quite fast and very hard to spot due to colouring size of a pin point. I have attached pictures of the main adult bug. Hope you can help. Thankyou.

This certainly resembles an ant but it does not have a typical thread waste that ants have. Perhaps it does not show in the photo. Can you send me another photo?
I cannot tell you what the white bugs are but I am sure they are unrelated to the other insects. I would have to see one of these

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QUESTION: Hi Walter,

Thank you for getting back to me. After emailing yourself I recieved an email from a fellow expert at the natural history museum who identified them as booklice but originating from the trogiidae family and a common species is lepinotus patruelis. I have attached additional images do you think it is booklice as I did once a long time ago have booklice but in a different and the bugs in my kitchen did not really look like booklice. I haven't  managed to take any pictures of the clear/white bugs as they move too fast and are difficult to see to get a shot.

Thank you

I have reexamined the photos and agree that these are Psocids (book lice) The blac colod threw me off. Some species are pale in color so I suspect the fast one are also psocids. They thrive on moist conditions so to get rid of them you must you must keep things dry

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