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Size comp bug
Size comp bug  

Live bug close up
Live bug close up  
I just moved into a new place I have been finding alive and dead bugs everywhere all are small... These are the only alive ones and they seem stationary so I thought they were dead but the next day they weren't there so I picked one I thought was dead off the base board. I have pictures attached.  I have small dog I have been leaving and I typically have inflamed or extreme responses to insect bites.  

What bug is this? Is it a pest? Is it poisonous? Are they okay to live amongst (there are many)? What do they do?

Lexington, Kentucky, USA


This is the larva of a carpet beetle (Dermestidae), see for info about carpet beetle infestations in homes. These beetles are often associated with stored (or spilled) food, as well as dry pet food. There are guidelines for dealing with carpet beetles in the page cited above but basic cleaning and locating the source are key. They are not otherwise dangerous.

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