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QUESTION: Couple of weeks ago I notice around my carpet I the bedroom this little ear wigs, I hired people to spray but didn't work I sprayed and sprayed and bumb the room, they still wiggling and very few comes out out, now I have these tiny little bugs jumping on my legs when I walk and they have wings and very fast , I,m having a nervous breakdown.

ANSWER: Hi Della
Form this photo I cannot be accurate and you have given me different descriptions of bugs wiggling, flying and jumping. Not any insects both fly and jump Strangely enough the photo looks like a leaf hopper and I would not expect to see leaf hoppers in a house in any large numbers. You have not mentioned the relative number of these insects. You have not mentioned any biting which is good and you can stop have a nervous breakdown as these seem to be pests not harming you. As you discovered spraying in a situation like this is a waste of time and money.
I think this is a temporary situation and they will go away. If not you must find where they are coming from or if they are getting in form outside.
Let me know what occurs

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello ,like I said , stated with ear wigs I noticed them when I picked up the small carpet in the bedroom , there were like 20 of them and looked like hole lot more were wigling inside the carpet, after spraying the room lots of them died , about 2 weeks later new ones started coming out , I had ear wigs in my house before so I know what they look like , these little bugs that jumping & hoping I can hardly see but I feel them ,especially when I walk on the bedroom carpet , I can't even go there ,I put a high boots on & vacuum twice a day , as for those black bugs they just started showing up. I found lots of them by the front door.

From your further description I believe these are dermestid beetles, common household pests but from the photo I cannot tell you what kind, but I do not think they are not earwigs. The wiggling ones could be larvae.   To get rid of these you will have to locate where they are breeding.Check the dried foods in your kitchen cabinets.
Since you mentioned jumping there is a remote possibility that these are collenbola instead of beetles except that they do not fit the pattern.
 Unfortunately I am in Ohio and am in the dark here. The exterminator you hired should have been able to identify these bugs and solved the problem If you cannot locate the source I suggest you try to find a reputable exterminator

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