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Mr. Hintz,
  I have been researching "invisible biting bugs". My husband and I both have been getting bitten by something that we cannot see. There are no marks on either of us that show bites. We purchased a dehumidifier, sprayed windex, covered our mattress and pillows, wash clothes in hot water and borax. One blog suggested that they are mites that start with mold or dampness. We are at our wits end with these things. This has been  going on for about 3 months. We only have carpet in our bedroom and family room and that seems to be the worse rooms where they bite. I hate to take out the carpet but I'm ready for anything to get rid of these things. We can feel them crawling so its hard to believe that they are so small that they can only been seen under a microscope. I have been bitten after a shower before I dry off so we can't even get rid of them in the shower. One blog read that there is no bug spray or exterminator that can rid these bugs. Any help would be appreciated!!

Hi Marsha
You would be amazed at how many questions of this kind that I receive. Of course I cannot identify an insect that I cannot see. With most the people that ome to me with this problem it turns out to be a medical problem not a bug problem. This is not a mite problem because you can easily see mites.
 In many similiar probles the solution has been allergic reactions. You did not mention visits to a doctor but this  ismy advice at this time

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