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We just moved into a little cottage (far from being newly constructed).
I was here alone cleaning prior to move-in when I first experienced the sensation of first, feeling something light on the skin of my legs and, second, being bitten.
When you feel one on you & look at that specific area, there is nothing that can be seen. The bite appears as a small, circular, red dot that is only a few millimeters in diameter. It doesn't produce a welt - it stays flush with the surface of the surrounding skin.
Whatever they are, they don't seem to be interested in our cat or dog (or they may be repelled by their monthly flea/tick treatment).
Everyone thought I was crazy until I continually had new bites appearing. I WILL be certifiable if I have to keep living like this!
My son suggested chiggers.
Please be so kind as to bestow upon me your expertise in this field!
Thank you!!!

Hi Melissa
I cannot suggest an insect bite without seeing the bug.  Unless you have been out barelegged in tall grass I doubt that these are chigger bites. This is possibly a medical problem and I can not diagnose medical problems. Have an dermatologist examine the bites and see if theya re insect related or an allergic reaction


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