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After finding this site, I wish I would have taken a picture before I flushed it down the sink...but here goes..

Alabama  -
Hubby has been getting little bites (he thinks during the night)on his lower extremities within the past week that he says itch. No insects have been found in the bed - linens were changed prior to the bites and definitely afterward...  He spends a lot of time in basement garage, so I attributed it to something biting him down there as I have not had any bites at all.
last night around 8:00 pm sitting on the living room couch last night I had a "creeping" feeling on my arm, glanced and thought it might just be an ant or tiny spider.  I used finger to try to squish it a couple of times ... but it didn't stop crawling.. just seemed to roll and continue crawling. I pinched it between fingers and went into the bathroom to get a better view.. My first thought was a tick (lone star?) but thought it was much smaller than I usually see- we do have cats but they are all inside / never out. It was about 1/8" long or so, never flew, was not shiny, was more of a tan than a brown color but I didn't notice any other markings.  Hubby says it better not be bed bugs...  ::::shivering:::


I wish you had taken a picture, too.  I cannot conclude *anything* from your description; and, "bugs" or spiders are all too often blamed for some other malady manifesting as "bites."  Unless you actually see something biting you, then you cannot jump to the conclusion that a wound is the result of a bite.  That simple.

I'm sorry, but I cannot be of help.  I also explicitly state in my profile "No 'what bit me?' questions, please."  Your particular case is a perfect example of why I don't entertain such questions.

Thank you for understanding.


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