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Hi Mr. Hintz,

Every year I have tiny ants come out of the spaces in my backsplash around the kitchen sink. There is a window directly about the sink and the window faces east.

Normally if I place a couple drops of Terro Ant bait on two cards the ants disappear. Last year the Terro was not as effective and this year I placed Terro on the counter at the base of the wall where the aunts come out a few times each month all summer long. I take the Terro away after about a week to make sure I don't draw in new ants.

The small ants are not disappearing! I see them in the evenings on the countertop and in one side of my sink even though the sink may be empty.

I was so frustrated with the ants that I sprayed a kill on contact spray on them once in July.

I am not seeing less than a dozen ants between the counter top around the sink, the wall, and in the sink but I don't want to see any.

What other product you can recommend to have the ants eat and take back to their colony to knock it out?

Thank You!


Hi Mike
We live in a world of ants. They are everywhere and have been around for millions of years and at times virtually everyone has them in their house. Therefore it is impossible to get rid of them for good. They are always foraging so the best thing to do is to keep all food of of counters. . There are compounds that will work better then others. I use boric acid powder around cracks and joints. Boric acid is the main ingredient in Terro but the powder is cheaper You can also try a natural insecticide  spray with pyrethrum. (Read the label)
 WE can subdue them for a while but they comeback The claim that they will take poison bak to the nest is false. If there were a poison that really worked  they woul;d be gone and none would be for sale.

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