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QUESTION: Please HELP!!! I am desperate and my parents are ready to put me in a looney bin!!! I let my son stay at a friends house over the summer, and he came home with hundreds of bites all over his body! I took him to the Pediatrician and they told me he had been exposed to bed bugs!!! I was horrified... I had him strip outside before coming in to immediately shower! I disposed of everything he had taken and brought home in an outside trash can immediately! He ran in the house to the shower and I washed his shoes in hot water through 3 cycles and then repeated the same steps with the dryer!! I vaccuumed thoutaoughly the path he had taken to the shower and washed the towel he used in hot water as well!!! Long story short I kept frantically checking my bed and I saw nothing for weeks!!! About 3 weeks later I saw what appeared to be a bed bug crawling on my phone as I laid in bed one night! I immediately stripped the bed and saw several more... I through all of my bed linens away and contacted TWO exterminator companies who verified my fear!!! In days they had multiplied to thousands and were everywhere including my clothes and carpet!!! I left everything behind EVERYTHING, and moved home to my mom and dads in VEGAS I brought nothing here!!! I continue to feel something biting me and leaving marks some are puss filled!!! What I see is not bed bugs and are mostly in the carpets and clothes! They are too small to take a picture they are black the size of a spec of pepper they hurt when they bite and I feel them crawling down my pants in my private area and in my hair! When I pick them up they don't seem to move and look like fuzz to which my parents dismiss! They don't seem to get bit but thsyre in the car and in the furniture and carpet they are so small but it's a piercing bite in the last few days my hands and legs are very swollen 3+ edema idk if it's related I wish I could take a picture but they're barely visible with the naked eye they have a clear looking to whiteish egg and they multiply fast I've yet to see one move and like I said they appear to be a spec of pepper or piece of fuzz I know I am not crazy and I have the bite marks to prove it I left everything I once owned to escape the bed bugs and now these are worse! I do believe I saw them at my house too but dismissed it as bed bugs please help tell me what they could be and how to get rid of them PLEASE

ANSWER: Hi Amanda
I hope you understand that I cannot identify a bug that I cannot see. I believe that the present problem a medical problem and not an insect problem. I am not qualified to solve medical problems.
 I am not certain these were actually bedbugs. Bedbugs remain hidden during the day and you cannot see them crawling around on carpets. The fact that two exterminators confirmed that you had bedbugs does not impress me  They will tell you what you want hear and apparently whatever these bugs were they did not get rid of them. You sought my advice and here is what I would suggest you do.
 Relax. The previous situation with the bugs and your son has spooked you. Bed bugs are bothersome but they are not dangerous to your health. I think you should return to you home and then immeditaely consult a dermatologist about the present bites. If there are still insects present send me a photo of one of them and I can tell you how to get rid of them. Insects in your house should never keep you out of your home. They can bite us, make us itch and eat our food but we can control them.
 So go home. Look for bugs and take some photos and most important consult a dermatologist who can examine your bites.
 Keep me informed


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank YOU so much for your quick response it is greatly appreciated!!!  Just to clarify,  I am not seeking medical advise, I was just wondering if you've heard of such a reaction? I did seek medical attention and they could not find a cause for my edema? Just to give you a little background I am a BSN and have lived in Maryland all my life! I am OCD and a clean freak germaphobe due to my occupation but I have no history of mental illness! I am quite sure it sounds extremely drastic and a bit crazy however the issue was I was scheduled to move Sept 1 to a new house because my lease was up! I had a total of 3 "experts" exterminators and a Pediatrician verify the bed bugs! The Pediatrician and the 1 exterminator who was a close family friend had no monetary benefit or reason to mislead me! Trust me I also did a lot of my own research ... Jumping off track, the reason I made the drastic decision to move in with my parents across country in VEGAS was because I was so close to moving and told by all 3 exterminators that the life cycle of the bed bugs could be up to 14 months even without feeding and I wasn't willing to take a chance and have the pests move with me! Like I said before they multiplied very quickly and were everywhere in my house ... I am enclosing some pictures of the bites from the bed bugs... Fast forward to a week ago when I moved here to VEGAS, like I said I brought NOTHING with me from Maryland! My kids and I stayed at a hotel one week and were donated the clothes we came home in! I couldn't wait to relax and never think of a bug again! It didn't last long! 2 days after being here I noticed new bites, these are puss filled almost like a white head pimple and are mainly on my feet ankles butt and wrist! I can feel the bugs crawling on me almost the same sensation as the bed bugs especially in my hair and pubic area and butt after I sit on the furniture!!! I have multiple bites on my butt and feet and unlike the bed bugs it doesn't seem to matter the time of day! The bite feels different as well! It's a very piercing bite extremly painful and when I put socks on and walk through the house i see them gather on the bottom of my socks and I feel them bite through! They're extremely small and look like a piece of fuzz .. I haven't seen one move but as I said I feel them when I sit on furniture they seem to be mostly on the carpeted areas and Ive seen them in/on my clothes in the car and in the bathroom! I've seen white/clearish eggs on the sink and bathroom floor and they're very hard to see with the naked eye! I can't swear but I think I've heard them crunch when I've stepped on one and they seem impossible to vaccuum up! I think my parents think I am crazy and for a moment I thought maybe I was! I've seen multiple other post stating the same exact problem If I don't wipe the toilet seat before I sit down I feel the pinch me when I do however I don't see anything! I have to shake my clothes off in the tub to even see them at all and it takes a lot for them to fall off they seem to bind to anything linty and the place I see them least is the bed THANK GOD They also seem to get under my fingernails and I am positive I saw these same bugs in my Maryland house but they told me it was the bed bugs poop? I should've known better because they're poop was a rust colored stain Please HELP I moved 3000 miles away to get away from bugs and I could ALMOST deal with the ned bugs more! One must of fell off my clothes or head yesterday as I got ice from the freezer because they're was one in an ice cube today ugh Thank you in advance for all your help I am gonna attach pictures some are to verify the bed bug bites the others are of this current bug and it's bite they're definately a aharp bite

Hi Amanda
I sent you an answer on Sept 10 where I suggested that you have a Medical problem. I think that you should get a complete exam and have a certified Dermatologist check you for allergies and examine the bites, especially since some of them have become infected. So far since I have not seen and insect I cannot comment about them.
The idea that this is bug poop is nonsense   . Try to calm as this problem can be solved and it is not fatal.  
Let me know what happens

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