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   my name is Amanda and I moved home to my parents house in Las Vegas Nevada last week! Since staying here I am being constantly bit by what appears to me an almost mocroscopic black round bug!!! It's barely visible by the human eye and when I show my parents they dismiss it as fuzz! I know I am not crazy I am covered in bite marks and when they bite it HURTS! It's like a piercing sting! I may have even seen a white one too but I am not sure! When I feel the bite and immediately reach for what's biting me I pull off this almost invisible black round bug I can't see if it has legs or an antenna! I've yet to see one move either but they absolutely bite! I find them everywhere but mostly in the carpets and furniture and in my clothes ... They're are quite a few in the bathroom as well! If I sit on the toilet seat (which I never see anything on it) I feel the piercing bite at times! I would take a picture and send it but every picture I take on my phone looks like a piece of lint or is too small to capture! If I see one and pick it up it immediately pierces my finger! I can't imagine what this could be, but I know I am not crazy! How they don't feel it I'll never understand! When I put socks on and walk through the house they attach to my socks and bite me through them! If I sit on the furniture I can feel them moving and have even got several bites on my butt and private area!!!! If I blow my hair dry after feeling them I see tons of black specs in the sink! Overall my parents keep a pretty immaculate house and have a pest control service every three months! I fear when he comes he will dismiss what I am seeing and feeling as well I've read lots of post stating the same problem! One guy recommended spraying everything with yellow listerine which I did and believe it or not it worked a great deal! Upon spraying the bathroom sink I found over 50 dead ones they're shape and size vary but most seem to be little black round dots please help me with some suggestion of what this could be and how to permanently solve it THANK YOU


The best thing to do is to collect a few in alcohol and get them identified. Use a damp Q-Tip to transfer them into a small bottle of rubbing alcohol. UNLV might have an insect identification service or they can direct you to some place to get an id. Also, here's a list of insect and mites that bite http://www.livingwithbugs.com/unknown_bug_bites.html that may be useful.

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