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My husband was keeping a bowl of water with wood chips floating in it on the oitside patio for his smoker. Yesterday we found 6 green june beetles floating in the water mostly all still. We took them out and 4 were on their backs as if dead, 2 had legs moving slightly. 2 recovered and eventually they flew off. We left remaining 4 inert. The next morning only 3 were left and they are very much alive. Why would they all be in the water? Why didn't they drowned? Are they really blind?  Thank you for your help. Keri and family.


My guess is that the bowl of water is acting like a trap since the surrounding area is drier than normal and the beetles are attracted to the water. Insects don't have lungs like us and they can withstand being without oxygen for long periods. June beetles are not blind, see this bulletin from PSU for more info http://ento.psu.edu/extension/factsheets/green-june-beetle

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