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QUESTION: Please help me!!! I  desperate and ready to kill myself over this!!! Everyone thinks I am crazy and losing my mind but I have seen HUNDREDS of post stating the same exact issue .. I left my home in Maryland and everything I once owned over these tiny black bugs I thought were bed bugs ... I moved home at 40 years old with my parents and brought NOTHING WITH ME thinking I was infested with bed bugs (confirmed by 3 supposed experts) ie Terminex Orkin and a professional personal friend! They were everywhere in my home from the carpets to my beds in my clothing and drawers even in my kitchen! My lease was up and I was about to move but was told there was an extreme possibility they would not be totally eradicated prior to my move! Fearful of bringing them with me to my new apt I decided it was best to move home with my parents a few months and save up for new furniture, clothing etc! I stayed in a hotel 3 days prior to moving home to be sure they would not "travel" with me! I know this sounds a bit extreme and crazy but bugs creep me out and I didn't want to spend all my days and nights vaccuumimg and scrubbing and washing clothes which DIDNT seem to help them disappear at all! While staying in the hotel I had no problems at all! I moved to VEGAS with my parents on the 3rd I didn't notice ANYTHING that night I was exhausted I hadn't really slept the month prior! The following day while walking around their house I began to feel the same sharp stinging sensation of being bit once again! I couldn't believe it! I immediately checked the bed and I saw nothing ... I spent that day shopping for a total new wardrobe and upon returning home I went to the bathroom where while sitting on the toilet I got bit around my ankles ... I was in disbelief ... I showed my parents the miniscule black bugs which they dismiss repeatedly as lint!!! They don't seem to be bit by these tiny bugs but I am and my children are! I've seen them in their car, the bathroom anywhere there is carpet and even in my new clothes already! I am in disbelief how could this be? I brought NOTHING from home in MD??? They think I am crazy I just got a shower and I grabbed the towel off the towel rack to wrap my wet hair and I immediatly felt the bite! I shook the towel over the bathtub and tons of what looked like specs of pepper or lint fall out I never see them move but when I pick them up they give a piercing bite I can feel them crawl on me and when I sit on furniture they get in my private area and leave bite marks all over my butt! I can't believe I left everything I owned and traveled 3000 miles and I am in the same boat! I have seen many people having the same issue but I've yet to see an answer to what they could be or how to get rid of them! Please help me before my parents have me committed I've never had any previous physciatric disorder I am a BSN very clean and OCD geaphobe so I don't get it!!! My son had spent the night somewhere in July where he had been eaten alive by what was determined to be bed bugs but I saw these same black miniscule bugs in my apt and now question were they bed bugs at all Could I have carried these pests here somehow ? The clothes we wore were brand new prior to coming ? The amount of the bugs in here I find it hard to believe they just came when we did ... I am really going insane over this and it is defiantly affecting my health my hands and feet are very swollen my hair is falling out in clumps not to mention my mental Health I have pictures but they look like lint but lint doesn't bite and this is a piercing bite like I said! I put on clean white socks and walk across the floor and I feel them biting see them on my sock and have welts on the bottom of my feet! I am begging you to please guide me like I said I've seen hundreds of people all over the country with the same questions so I am sure you've heard this before and sometimes the bites are puss filled

ANSWER: People have this problem all the time.  Most of the time, the problem can be solved by going to a dermatologist (skin doctor) since the itching results from dry skin, or allergy to something in the environment (often clothes washing detergent, wool, or a food allergy).

When you moved to the hotel, you would have used different clothes washing detergents and eaten different foods, so one of those may be the answer.

If the dermatologist can't find anything, he may refer you to a psychologist, since that also can commonly cause these symptoms.  

Good luck.

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QUESTION: I wasn't serious about wanting to kill my self it was an exaggeration of being overwhelmed with this problem! I have no psychiatric disorders and yes I am OCD ABOUT BEING CLEAN however I work in a hospital full of sick people and germs! If this was something made up in my head I doubt all 3 of my kids would be affected and I doubt it would of just started happening out of nowhere! As I said before my youngest son spent the night at a friends I will attach a picture of what he came home looking like!!! Then 3 weeks later we started seeing these bugs everywhere??? I know he was exposed to bed bugs and 3 exterminators later and a move and bed bugs are no longer the problem it is however these tiny black hard bugs with a piercing bite I find it almost impossible to believe that my children and I and about 300 plus people across the country whom have shared the same story have all developed some sudden Phyciatric disorder

Please visit a dermatologist.  Dermatologists can take skin scrapings to determine the cause of the itching.  If there are bedbugs or other bugs biting you, they will leave traces in the skin that a dermatologist can detect.  If you are having an allergic reaction to a detergent used to wash clothes, they can detect that, too.  If there is some sort of chemical getting into your clothes washer, it would affect your entire family, but the dermatologist can detect that, too.  Please go to the dermatologist.

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