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Small FAST fly
Small FAST fly  


I need some help identifying these weird flights of been getting in my residence. They get into my dogs eyes eyes and ears of mine. I've had several ear infections because of them.  Also it appears that they like to throw into the skin of my dog job or any other areas they can find. I did a test with something sweet nectar and then also using meat and they preferred to go to The fly trap with the meet and none went to the nectar.  I have several pictures and I also got a video of it looks like a nymph to me or a mite and not sure but it was near a fly and under a black CD case holder.  

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Below:  found behind dresser on wall in dark room

Below: casing from hatching fly?  Looks hairy

Below:  Sewer leak in apartment?  Possible source?

Other flies found in past week

Casing of ??

Below: bug bro?  Wasp?

Crusty out of dogs mouth....  Lots


There were only 2 photos attached. Both images are a little blurry but the one marked "small, fast fly" appears to be a black fly (Simulidae). These flies are found near streams and rivers and can bite however they do not burrow into skin, see for more about these flies. The photo marked "Louse?" appears to be a booklouse. Booklice are not related to true lice and do not bite. They are usually associated with damp areas because they feed on mold. These were the only images in your question. It is better to submit multiple questions rather than combine many photos into one question.

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