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Hi,I've been having an infestation small flying bugs that fly above my head. They fly in circles and spin very fast. It feels like they are constantly landing on my head. It feels just like someone sprinkling salt or pepper on top of me, except in this case whatever landed on me starts crawling all over my face and etc.Some of them are white, some are black. I used to be able to leave the house to get away from them but that is no longer the case. I can actually hear them when they are near by because they whip around very quickly and sound identical to the sound of wind blowing.They focus most of there attention around my hands and private area and eyes. When this first started happening, I would get little paper cuts on my palms. This happened 3 or 4 times, but it's been months.  You can actually hear them in the video. sorry for the poor quality. Just please, please take a minute and look CLOSELY at the area I point out in the video. It's been 4 months and I'm tired of everyone thinking I've gone crazy but also never taking the time to come over and see what the hell is really going on. The second video is recorded with a cheap microscope from ebay not sure if it helps but who knows.

Hi Rob
I hve studied the videos a number of times and I cannot see anything resembling insects nor insect activity and I cannot identify something that I cannot see. Since you feel them and you have had cuts before It sounds like  medical problem rather then an insect one and I cannot diagnose medical problems. I believe that a visit to a dermatologist may help you.


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