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So after years of itching and scratching, crawling and hair movements . noticing the symptoms more so in my car and bed, also more in the summer months then the cold ones. I have exhaustively researched from mites to all other sorts of diagnoses. Been to doctors and they label it this or that in reality only making a judgemental decision. Have not been diagnosed dillusional parisitis but feel those peoples pain. I have many past environments where I may have become vulnerable in a case of some sort of infestation like prison and was a tattoo artist for several years opening myself up to all forms of human interaction. but I do know that a, I am not psychotic, and b when we make steps to find a cure like borax and hp or Epsom or sulpher and vasaline, there is relief. Oh and as well my wife has had a plethora of skin issues since our relationship seven years ago many times being misdiagnosed. Has been diagnosed scabies by doctors and that then prescribe meds that have little or no benefit in relation to the diagnosis! Elidel for scabies?????oh and BTW now my six year old has just been sent a note home saying there is a scabies outbreak in HER classroom, which if it is from her or us then it I believe is probably a misjudged diagnoses as well, so I'm reading up on collembola and come across your article. I'm confused to be honest. After hundreds of hours googling every possible insect parisite anthropod or Creepy crawly confusion I see that this is bug is in fact as close to what I can describe as in any other infestation. Many forms of this bug are in fact 1-3 mm in size but have in fact been found as small as 0 2mm which begs the question are these small enough to go unseen or to some completely unnoticed??? In tattooing if you are ticklish e tattoo hurts more. As opposed to the opposite, having had people fall asleep under the needle. With this understanding is it possible that some humans are inept or unable to even feel an infestation of many kinds???okay so anyway  It broke out more so in the house we live in now as well that it is in a blooming and very wet drop in our five acre yard, we live on top of rich soil, and we live inatlanta where in the summer months can be very wet.  Anyway so scabies crawl and don't jump. But scabies treatment seems to alleviate many symptoms like the crawling jumping landing and pinprick biting like sensations.Dr I'm not lying when I can tell you I am very sensitive, and can feel them jump literally from my eyebrows to my sideburn or go from here to there, oh and for me tattoos hurt like no other pain. One other thing, I may be at ease sometimes but when I get in our old car I notice a tremendous difference in sensation, constantly scratching and itching. . We do not have burrow like tunnels unless they are not able to be seen by the human eye in regards to scabies. Most of our sores are pimplelike going straightdown into the skin as opposed to tunnel like across the skin. Most of these bumps have been seen or sometimes considered ingrown hairs on me and blackheads and zits on my wife but on her many times they become festered and a goldenlikedried plasma like head is formed at the head, which in my best guess is a small infection the body has one its battle with many times going away and another appearing somewherE else. Another thing to mention is my two daughters itch in their sleep and the little one has bumps all over her wife has been diagnosed from exzima to psoriasis to scabies to follicular dermatitis, to no prevail. Reading that mites can break down the immune system and cause depression in some cases leads me to wonder if this is why my wife suffers from bipolar  manic there a possibility that possible misdiagnosis of an infestation that truly breaks down the human body is why we cannot seem to get back to health and be free from these crawling and creeping and very uncomfortable peats???and that at times some of lower intelligence unlike myself try to convince doctors in their own way only to be diagnosed Dillusionally parasitically  schizophrenic ???. After taking a borax/HP/Epsom bath you canclearly see millions of black particles in the water making it appear grey. Me and my wife's baths are darker than the children's in tint from mine being dark to my littlest ones being the lightest leading me to wonder that since the understanding is that every human has some form of mites maybe these things enter humans and cause many ailments of which the cause is unknown. Watch the green mile. Although that is fiction it begs the question that we are dealing with a worldly and demonic plague as professed in the bible. Not sure of your stance on spirituality but nonetheless me and my babies are all very uncomfortable day in and day out and I am reaching out to you that in hopes of your compassion that you could help come up with the right diagnosis and help us to rid ourselves of whatever this infestation is. Who knows maybe with your understanding of the smallest critters on this bubble we call earth you can be the doctor to open the eyes of the world of all the ailments related to human parisitic  infestation.....could be the cure for even things like cancer one never knows. Also understand that many medically diagnosed definitions came from the patients ailment, not a scientist studying another topic or study and fell upon a discovery. I come to you doc with a problem,you use your thinker and find the truth to that problem. Guessing is for those too lazy to take the test. Guessing is what all of our docs have done. Please reach out and help my family! Thank you for your knowledge in this and may the Lord bless you and yours in all that y'all do! May peace  be unto you sir. Awaiting your response in my faith.


I'm sorry but I don't think I can be much help. What you are describing is not an insect or mite problem as there are no insects or mites that do what you describe. In fact I don't think it is even a physical problem but rather it is, I believe, emotional or psychological. I'm not an MD and have no medical expertise. I'd strongly suggest that you speak with a medical professional and carefully consider what they say. Often the treatment can be relatively simple such as anti-anxiety medication. Good luck, I hope you find some answers.

Jack DeAngelis

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