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Dear Dr. Angelis,
This teeny-tiny insect, when observing it's location on my barefoot, and causing a stinging (biting) type effect, was so small to the naked eye I couldn't make out any helpful identification due to it's size!
The longer it was on my skin, the more intolerable it became within seconds. Tried brushing it off to no avail and had to revert to picking/scratching it off with vigor using my fingernail.
The after effect from "it's" location left a very irretible itch and a small welt, as would a mosquito only theirs leave larger ones on me which I scratch until I bleed! Can't help it they drive me insane.
Ok, back to the 'little fella'. This little guy was smaller than a pinhead Dr. Angelis, and I'm not joking!
As I mentioned earlier, there were no distinguishable characteristics to make out due to "it's" size such as head, thorax, legs, etc. Too small!!
Can you possibly give me a probable answer?
It's now about three hours later and the welt has subsided just to let you know.
Many thanks for your help.
Oh..... One more question.
Do you think that this is why our dogs are continually scratching ?
Ok, I'm done.
Thanks again!


This is a bit of a mystery since there are no insects or mites that fit this description. Could you be mistaken about it being an insect? Since you can't see any body structures like legs or body sections perhaps it is just a reaction to something you came into contact with. If this happens again try to swab the area with a Q-tip dampened with alcohol to see if you can catch anything. Sorry I can't be more specific.

Jack DeAngelis

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