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Hi, my name is Jeremy and I have a problem with springtails. I have done a lot of studying and used a microscope to see them. They are in my house and getting all over me and my wife. This sounds crazy but they get under our skin, and jump in our face, then they go for our eyes and mouth. I guess it's the moister they go for in our eyes and mouth. They get in back of our throat and we cough them up. For some reason its only the babies, the bigger ones dont bother us. What attracts them to us and what can we do to unattract these aggravating pest? I'm from central NC, if that helps.
   Thanks, please help

I have gotten a lot of questions regarding Collembola (Springtails} but this is the first I have heard about problems like this. Nobody else has told me that they get into their nose or mouth.  If you have studied them you should have noted that they cannot get under your skin. They are primitive insects that thrive under moist conditions. All I can tell you Jeremy is that this not the usual behavior of a springtail. Are positive that these are collembola  

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