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Brown bug
Brown bug  
I live in Ohio.  I found this bug on my bedsheets at 1:00 pm this afternoon 2/29/16.  It is dark brown and it crawls.    I am afraid it is a bed bug, although I don't think it has the shape of one.  I do not see any signs of bed bugs in my bed.  We are having a horrible time right now as my daughter got head lice for the first time last week. I am just getting past that.   I at first was afraid this was lice on my bed, but we cleared the lice up last week.  It does not look like the lice bugs I found on her.  So my next fear was bed bugs.  My daughter seems to think it looks like a beetle.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am so stressed.

Hi, Deanna:

Relax; and give my praise to your daughter, for she is correct.  It is a beetle!

The image depicts one of the "deathwatch" beetles in the family Ptinidae (formerly Anobiidae).  Most likely suspect is the "Drugstore Beetle" or the "Cigarette Beetle," both of which feed on a variety of pantry products.  Here is more information on them:



Pantry Pests in general:


I'd look and see if I can find the item(s) the beetles are infesting, then toss them.  Store all vulnerable foodstuffs in glass, metal, or durable plastic containers with tight-fitting lids.

There is a slight possibility this is a "furniture beetle," same family, that emerged from firewood, a baseboard, or some other wooden object, in which case it would not re-infest.  Their would be a round hole and  small pile of sawdust under it in that event.

Take care.  Here is a link to my blog post on bed bugs so you can learn how to prevent them:




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