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I just ran across this question that a kindergarten teacher had asked you back in 2010. I am pasting a copy of the question here to maybe jog your memory...( Question
so i am a kindergarten teacher and i thought i had lice but the nurse couldn't find any evidence.  everytime i washed my hair and shook it over the sink, i would see small bugs with an almond shape body and antenna.  i caught one on tape and took it to the nurse.  i treated my hair and house for lice but found nothing in my hair.  the nurse is still not convinced they are lice.  while washing all my sheets, towels and clothes i began to see the bugs on the washer when i opened the lid to put them in the dryer.  i trapped about 5 on tape and took them to the nurse.  she doesn't think they are lice at all.  i washed and dried my hair again today and shook it over the sink.  i say 3 more of these tiny bugs.  i have no bites on my body.  they are not bed bugs.  please help losing my mind )
I am sending you this message because my family and I are having the exact same issue as this teacher and were wondering if you had figured out what these bugs might be... I am definitely confident that these are not head lice as miss you! kids have had head lice when they were little and this looks nothing like what they had before. We have been dealing with this for almost a year and We've tried every product under the sun and nothing works... These are extremely tiny and almost impossible to come out.... They just fall out.
Is there something I need to do to disinfect my house and how can I get rid of these... This is negatively affecting our family life and negatively affecting my children's outlook on being at home all the time so I am desperate for any help I can get


The best thing to do is take a sample to someone that can identify the bugs. One option is to contact the Cooperative Extension office in your county and they can probably get you in contact with someone at the state university that can help. If you google your county and state names, and the word "extension" the office nearest you should come up. Otherwise tell me in a follow-up (your state and county) and I may be able to locate the office in your county.

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