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When you live in the Midwest and find a ladybug in the house during winter, is it better to take that ladybug to a houseplant or put it outside? I have heard that ladybugs actually do better in the cold, and we have a somewhat protected porch. Thanks!

Hi, Marie:

I am making your question public since this is a question I am sometimes asked by others, and there appears to be no personal information in your query.

Personally, I don't think it matters much what you do in these cases.  Warm spells during winter will rouse lady beetles from hibernation on occasion, but when cold returns they will once again seek shelter.  So, releasing an "indoor" lady beetle outdoors might eventually result in it finding its way back inside anyway.

Insects are more durable than we give them credit for, so while I am always encouraged by people who express concern for our diminutive wildlife, intervention is usually unnecessary.

Take care, have a great upcoming Valentine's Day!



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