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QUESTION: Is this a Bird, Rodent or Clover Mites? Found inside kitchen bay window. Threw away all my indoor plants, but still feel something biting us. Do these mites bites and burrow under skin and scalp? Experiencing something that leaps or flys and burrows that can't be seen just felt. I have also found Thrips and springtails inside too. Please let me know what kind of mites are these, and how do I get rid of them? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
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Picture taken with a microscopic camera."

ANSWER: Trisha,

Unfortunately there's no image attached. Can you check?

Jack DeAngelis

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Mites Pic#1
Mites Pic#1  

Mite pic#2
Mite pic#2  
QUESTION: Thanks for your reply and assistance. Sorry, the pictures didn't upload.  Here they are...  Thank again.  
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These are oribatid mites. These mites don't bite, they live in soil and the leaf litter on top of soil. In this case they likely came from house plant potting soil. Oribatids are completely harmless. The symptoms you are describing can be caused by many things but it is usually not insects or mites. Allergies are the main cause of "mysterious bites" and itchiness. It is amazing how similar food and contact allergies can be to bug bites. Mold allergies are common as well. Your best option may be to talk with your MD about the possibility of allergies and how they are treated.

Jack DeAngelis

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