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Black hairy unknown
Black hairy unknown  
I found what I thought was a spider egg sac on my screened in porch on the stone wall tonight but after researching looks like spider egg sacs are mostly white. This is also very big, black, and hairy. When I zoomed in on the picture I took you can actually see the hair that has fallen from it. I dont want to touch it without knowing what it is. From a distance it looks like a catepillar. Can you help me identify this? Louisville, Ky United States


I believe the fine, needle-like structures are "urticating hairs". These hairs are found on some caterpillars as well as some spiders (probably other animals as well), but I can't id further. You could try the folks at www.bugguide.net as someone there might recognize it. Until then don't handle it as these hairs can be very irritating. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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