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QUESTION: Dear Walter Hintz,

I am Anum wazir from pakistan,residing in Karachi.Since few days We have seen some very tiny insects. They are very very small I guess one milimeter in length, brown to black in colour,run on skin,bite a lot and leave a raised red colour allergic reaction,resembling mosquito bite but it doesn't go away and persist for days.
Very annoying as are found day and nights on our body ,hairs.Found mostly in nights.
We have birds at home since six months they are finches and love birds. We have found these insects in wash room, living area and especially on our body and sometimes hairs.
Kindly help us to get rid of these monsters

ANSWER: Hello Anum. I am sure that you understand that without a photo of these insects I can only make an educated guess from your description as to what they are. Since you are being bitten by these insects and have birds My guess is that they are bird mites. Bird mites will attack people. If this is the case you will have to treat the birds. If you have a local vet nearby or a pet store I am sure you can find some kind of a dust that kills mites. If not you can get something online

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

This tiny black is the insect
This tiny black is the  
QUESTION: Hello Walter,I am sending you pictures of the insect I caught it may be now you can tell me exactly what it is?As I have never seen such tiny tiny insects.I am also sending you pictures of the bitten areas.

I still cannot see details like legs but from the size and shape I am confident that these are biting  mites and most likely bird mites
I am not an MD and cannot comment on the bites except for the fact that the insect shown is doing the biting. Try using an insect repellant until you get the birds treated

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