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Ever so often I see a plaster bagworm on my wall, sometimes in the living, bedroom or bathroom it varies.  How do I get rid of them and/or avoid them all together.  Thank you in advance.

Hi Jeanne
Yes Florida is the home of plaster bagworms. How caterpillar scan build a house to hide in has always amazed me. If you only see a few occasionally you are lucky but there are a few things you can try now. They love to feed n spider webs so make you wipe away any cobwebs. They need high humidity so try to control that as best  you can.  They also, like their relatives the clothes moth feed on wool and silk. (Which is strange since they spin their own silk) so check your dry goods.
Do not hire any exterminators. If pesticides got rid of bag worms there would be fewer people complaining about them. Things could be worse then some plaster bag worms ; like termites  

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